Bierton Strict and Particular BaptistsConcise EditionISBN: 978-0-9539473-2-4www.BiertonParticularBaptists.co.uk e-mail: SecretaryDolores@yahoo.co.ukConverted on LSD Trip.Bierton Particular BaptistsMr Hill of Luton Ebenezer helps the ChurchArticles of Religion I find a problemA Church member diesI am introduced to Mr Sperling-tylerI am introduced to Pastor Frank L. GosdenGaleed Chapel BrightonUnder the title ‘Valiant For Truth’A visitor from John Metcalfs groupTelevision a concern for manyZoar Strict Baptist ChapelNot all the preaching at Bierton was goodOur Ministers were:I am appointed as secretary and correspondentI read the former Church minutes a cause of concernCaterham Strict Baptist HolidayI meet my wifeI meet other Evangelical doctrinal differencesPreparation for marriageRegarding marriage CounsellingOur first homeMarriageBethel Evangelical ChurchOur move to LutonOur move to LinslaidOur home In LinslaidThe Isle of Skye and the Presbyterian ChurchesFree Presbyterian ChurchI was asked to answer or speak to the questionCalled before the EldersSilence woman these are guestsPortree Rev Frazer McDonaldPortree Free Presbyterian ChurchChurch Notice BoardI was questioned in the evening, the “free offer”A return to the Bierton ChurchAngels come to help (or so I thought)My house at Canal Side Terrace in AylesburySelling our home in Wigston MagnaA problem of travel and accommodationAbstain from all appearances of evilThe issue causing concernShock and astonishmentSolution1 Thessalonians 5We buy our home in BiertonA Gospel Standard cause 1981Ruth Ellis a Church member diesMr Collier, Pastor of Linslaid, of comes to our aidI meet Dr Ian Paisley at OxfordRescuing Michael’s Roles Royce (About 1982)A Call to Preach the GospelMy wife Irene joins the Church at BiertonI did not believe in Bible collegesWolverhampton Polytechnic and Teacher TrainingAn Ulterior MotiveWolverhampton Teacher Training GroupQuestioned about the Law of MosesMr Hill’s ConclusionThe Bierton PulpitThe Papal visit 1982Our home in Bierton. 187 Aylesbury Road in BiertonHats or head coverings for ladiesIs Corporal punishment what Jesus wants?I preach at various ChurchesEaton Bray Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchAlbert Street Strict Baptist Chapel OxfordThe Strict Baptist Church at UffingtonNew Mill BaptistsOpposition to the Gospel Standard positionGrove Chapel WantageThe Strict Baptist Church at Evington ChapelZion LeicesterThe Strict Baptist Luton, “Ebenezer” ChapelReading Strict BaptistFenstanton Particular Baptist ChapelAttleborough Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchBeeches Road Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchZoar Particular Baptist Chapel (Independent), BradfordMatfield Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchThe Papal Visit I write to D.B. an Anglican VicarYou are both people of Christ.You are both people of the bible.Both have the SacramentsYour are both people of the Holy SpiritI go fishing for MenThe Bucks Herald Thursday 19th May 1983. Price 8d.Meeting TelevisedDavid Preaches at Bierton Chapel 5th June 1983Out come of the meetingMy troubles appear to begin after this meetingI meet Stephen Royce and family at Eaton BrayStephen writes to me about the Added ArticlesWaddesdon Hill Strict BaptistWaddesdon Hill Gospel Standard ChapelAssociation of Metropolitan of Strict BaptistsMy request turned downWe try to buy the Waddesdon Hill ChapelI am offered the chapel on unsatisfactory termsThe Holy TableThe Television radio and cassette recorderI am informed it is wrong for me to teach electronicsEscorted out of St. Albans Abbey after a protestThe Bucks Herald Thursday 19th October 1983An evil wind is blowingCannot Remain SilentTruth causes a divisionParticular RedemptionThe National Association of Strict Baptist Sunday School Hymn BookA Church meeting to resolve the issueChairman refuses discussionMr King asks for an honorable dismissal to leave the churchChairman comments upon the sermonThe Holy Table (No idolatry here)I preach a moving sermon in 1983The Chapel not the House of GodMr Collier diesMr Crane of Lakenheath appointed our OverseerMr Steven Royce of Luton requested help Article 26I am asked to helpWhat doth hinder me from being baptizedPaul Rowland a visiting minister singing of PsalmsLinslaid and Children’s HymnsMeeting Richard BoltI meet John Metcalfe of Tyler’s Green ChapelPaul Rowland and I visit John MetcalfThe Shot Gun and our pockets searchedImputation of RighteousnessJustificationJustification by blood10 I leave the Bierton ChurchJesus the sum and substance of the SabbathI secede from the Bierton ChurchI inform all our trustees of my actionsI experience anxietyA very serious issue occursI learn the sense of Strict CommunionI Seek a City whose builder and maker is GodDavid Oldham Pastor of Evington offers helpI seek a CityLeprosy DiscoveredRestoration of the communion at BiertonLeprosy cannot be curedChurch meeting 12th June 1984Commencing prayerThe addressResignation from officeAreas of Compromise (Secretaries responsibilities)A women pastor at WinslowContention Children’s Hymn BookThe reverence of the building Reverence of table and the fear of manCall of AbrahamRecommendationA false view of a gospel churchThe evidence to support my chargeConclusionBierton Church her responsibilityAll informedSeverance of membershipLeaving the past looking forward13 The Bierton Society of ParticularBaptists:The Law and Gospel by F.L. GosdenThe Law and Gospel by J.C. PhilpotThe Christian and the Mosaic LawThe Gentile Believer and The LawThe Sabbath By Gilbert BeebeOther Publications of David